When your car breaks down on the highway, safety should be your main concern. Before you start thinking about the costs of auto repair, get your car to a safe place and see if there’s anything you can do to fix the problem first. Here’s what you should do.

Pull Off Onto The Shoulder

The moment your vehicle begins to show signs that it’s going to break down, you should carefully make your way onto the shoulder of the highway. It is important not to panic. As you make your way to the shoulder, be careful about indicating and making sure that the drivers behind you are aware of your intentions. Make sure that you check all of your mirrors and use your indicator when turning off the highway.

Get Out Through The Right Side Passenger Door

When getting out of your vehicle, make sure that you exit through the right passenger door. This is to ensure that you are as far from the highway as possible. https://EpicPhrase.com
https://RingToOne.com If you cannot get out of the passenger side door then you should ensure that you keep an eye on the highway before getting out.

Be Visible

When you have pulled off onto the shoulder, make sure that other drivers can see you by turning on your emergency flashers and placing reflector triangles behind your vehicle. This will ensure that other drivers are aware of your vehicle, especially if it is dark.

Raise The Hood Of Your Car

Highways are constantly patrolled by police and other emergency services and this will let them know that you are in trouble and in need of auto repair assistance.

Don’t Accept Help From Strangers

Once you’ve ensured that your vehicle is visible, call for auto repair services from the inside of your vehicle. Make sure that your doors are locked and, if a stranger happens to stop by and offer their help, ask them to call for roadside assistance without opening your door.

Do Not Cross The Highway

Many highways have help phones that can be used in these cases. If the phone is on the other side of the highway then you shouldn’t cross the highway in order to use it as this could put you in danger.

Fixing The Problem Yourself

If you have a small problem such as a flat tire, you might be able to resolve the problem yourself. When changing the tire, make sure that you are standing as far from the highway as possible. If you need to get close to the highway for any reason, you should ensure that you pay attention to your surroundings.

Safety Is Your Main Concern

When it comes to breaking down on the highway, safety should always be your main concern. Once you have contacted roadside assistance, you should call a family member or friend to inform them of your whereabouts. It is also important to ensure that you pay attention to your surroundings so that you can inform them of your exact location. Leave all thought of auto repair until later.

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