Have you ever found yourself wondering what is the real identity behind an email address? With over 200 million e-mail users Hotmail is one of the three largest free web based email providers online today. Yahoo, AOL and Gmail are also very popular. Hotmail is a free internet-based email service provided by Microsoft that allows users up to 250MB of storage space

Because it is a free service, many people will use it as a junk email account. This can lead to you getting unwanted email from a hotmail email account. Hotmail is also a favorite anonymous account used by cyber stalkers to harass and defame their online victims. They foolishly think that because they entered fictitious information when they created the account, they cannot be identified by an experienced investigator.

Do you need to find information about someone using a reverse email search? If you do, then you will want to begin by using the Hotmail reverse email search. It is free to use, and it is also very easy to use.

To use the Hotmail reverse search, all you need to do is go to any search engine and type that phrase in. This will bring you to the site where you can search easily. When you use the Hotmail reverse search, you will need to have the email address handy. You need to remember that you may not find th http://miura-seikotsuin.com/ e information you are looking for. It is very possible to find out who sent you an email, but there is a chance that you may not. Remember the person that opened the Hotmail email account can use any information. The information they submit to Hotmail is not verified in any way. In fact, very often in an Internet harassment case the cyber stalker will create an account with the victims information and use that account to send out harassing emails to the victims friends and family and coworkers. A cyber stalker usually does not want to be identified so they will take extra steps to remain anonymous. In fact many cyber stalkers spend a great deal of time online and are very computer savvy so they are aware of things like re-mailers and anonymous proxy servers.

If you are dealing with this kind of stalker, you will need to retain a professional. You can begin with an Internet search term like “reverse email trace” to find a reputable company. You can always turn to a professional to do it for you if for some reason you can not access the information you are looking for. There are many services available today that will do a reverse email search for you. They can try and do one on a Hotmail email as well.

Some private investigators specialize in reverse email tracing and cyber stalking investigations. You may be shocked to find how incredibly affordable they can be.

Definitely use the Hotmail tool if you need to do a simple reverse email search. You may be able to find the information you need if you just take the time to do the search. If not there are professionals to deal with any type on online threat or harassment.

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