The Rise of and Its New Chapter with Microsoft first emerged in 2015, initially focusing on eSports events for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Over time, it expanded its services to include a variety of other game titles, though it remains synonymous with the fighting game community. The platform offers a suite of tools for event organizers, including registration, bracket management, payments, and analytics.

According to a statement from, the platform’s mission has always been to foster
passion for eSports and create engaging experiences for gamers. The partnership with Microsoft is expected to amplify these efforts, providing new opportunities for growth and community engagement.
Microsoft’s Vision for

The acquisition was confirmed by Microsoft through the MSN Esports Twitter account, highlighting their commitment to supporting and expanding the platform’s capabilities. Microsoft’s acquisition of may have come as a surprise to some, but it aligns with the company’s broader strategy to diversify its gaming portfolio. By integrating with Xbox, MSN Esports, and developer tools like Playfab, Microsoft can introduce the platform to new audiences and enhance the competitive gaming experience.

Despite Microsoft’s strong reputation in the gaming industry with its Xbox platform, the company has faced criticism, particularly after the shutdown of its Mixer live-streaming service in 2020. Microsoft had hoped to position Mixer as a rival to Amazon’s Twitch and Google’s YouTube, but ultimately decided to partner with Facebook Gaming.

For, the acquisition by Microsoft represents a lifeline during uncertain times. The platform had been exploring various options to sustain growth amid the pandemic, including potential mergers or acquisitions. Microsoft’s partnership appears to be the ideal solution, potentially revitalizing the platform and integrating it with Microsoft’s extensive gaming ecosystem.

The Impact on the Esports Community

The esports industry has seen exponential growth in recent years, with Newzoo reporting a global audience of 474 million in 2021 and projecting it to reach 577.2 million by 2024. The market revenue is expected to surpass $1.1 billion in 2021, with

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