It was over ten years ago that I was contacted by a small group of former military personnel who had some amazing stories to tell. Individually and as a group, they claimed to have piloted captured Alien hardware for the U.S. Government. In those whistleblower days of the late 1980s and early 1990s, there was no shortage of ex-government folk claiming to have intimate knowledge about the Government cover-up of information concerning Aliens and UFOs. Some of these people were believable enough, but most lacked a story or evidence that stood up to long-term scrutiny. These guys were different.

Having grown up around active and retired military personnel, I always found them easy to spot. Among that group, Officers and Military Pilots were definite standouts. As I was 離婚したくない場合の奥の手 introduced to this group of men over a short period of time, they struck me as officers and pilots. More then that, they also seemed to have the kind of technical backgrounds and training that would befit Astronauts. It was obvious that these guys were telling either the truth or a well-scripted story that I was supposed to believe and share.

These ‘UFO Pilots’ are people of strong character and conviction. They came to me because they had a beef with the Government. After watching how whistleblowers like Bill English, John Lear, Wendelle Stevens, Robert Lazar and others were belittled or ignored by the press, roasted by their peers and mistreated by over-zealous UFO researchers, they wanted no part of all that. After hearing me during a guest spot on a local radio station in Orlando, one member of their unique little group decided to attend a seminar that I gave in Florida. While unsure whether to trust me or not, he liked the fact people at the seminar seemed to trust me with personal stories and decided to give me a try.

After a short series of cloak and dagger style contacts, I met with the guy I call the “UFO Pilot’ and heard his amazing story at a small motel in Florida. He came to me because several of his crewmates died in what he considered unnecessarily dangerous tests of Alien hardware in different places around the USA. In at least one case, several civilians were killed as well. To understand his frustration, I have to share a few details about these tests.

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