A faulty registry is something no computer owner wants to have. Unfortunately though, many of them don’t have a choice in the matter, as nearly every windows registry will receive it’s fair share of errors. “If that’s true, then what’s so bad about having a dirty registry?” Well, for starters, it can significantly decrease the performance of your PC — and in some cases, it has even been known to cause irreparable damage to some of the hardware. Having said that, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the common symptoms of a faulty registry — Either that, or prepare to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer every single year.

There are numerous reasons why a computer may behave erratically and become https://tonerbox.kz/ unstable, and many of those reasons stem directly from windows registry issues. Below are just a few of the typical signs that should raise the “I have a faulty registry” flag.

1. Random PC Stalling: Out of the blue, your computer seems to just freeze-up, making it virtually impossible to bring up any installed applications. Seconds later, the freeze ends and everything returns to normal.

2. Sluggish Behavior: Installed applications take increasingly longer to get started. Also, programs that have already been started tend to need more time in order to finish loading — I.E. what was once 3-10 seconds is now 30-50 seconds.

3. Constant Windows Crashes: When playing a game, altering a file, or just surfing the web, the system crashes unexpectedly — usually indicated by a blue screen.

4. Application Launch Failure: Frequently used applications begin not opening whatsoever, resulting in you having to reboot the system in order to open up application or program.

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