It is true that computer repair asks for specific tools designed for the purpose. But, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the same. Get these basic tools and you would not want to go for high-end appliances to repair a PC.

Antivirus software

Don’t live under the wrong impression that high-tech service persons generally use sophisticated software to treat a virus-infected computer. Most of them use the generally available ones. And, you can buy at reasonable rates. This becomes possible because most of the companies offering this kind of protection make sure that their software remains within the reach of an average wage-earner.


A multi-meter comes handy when checking the power supply into the computer. All you need to do is to attach the device to a contact wire. If electricity is flowing around, multi-meter will inform you. If you want, you can also go for specific testers built for computers.


Inspecting the interior of a computer is not a simple job, a mirror with a magnet attached at the end will help you a lot in this attempt. However, take care to attach the mirror to a case outside, not to any magnet inside the PC.

A can of air

Over-heating may lead to building up of dust and dirt inside a computer. Compressed air is the best tool to clean the interior. It protects the unit from getting damaged. The air blows away the dust.

A boot disc

This is one among the tools technicians must have in their toolbox. However, it often gets ignored. The moment you buy a new PC, prepare a system boot disc for it. It will come handy even when you try to repair your friend’s computer.

A few spare parts

If you have an old hardware lying unused in your home, pack it in your toolbox. A few RAM sticks too would help you a lot. You may have to test different types of hardware to better diagnose a PC. Practice utmost caution when installing the RAM. A wrong choice may damage the PC’s motherboard.

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