When people dream of working on a cruise ship, they often picture the grandeur of a towering vessel, equipped with an array of amenities and services to cater to thousands of passengers. The cruise industry has been on an upward trajectory, with the size of ships expanding annually. Companies like Royal Caribbean are setting new records with their Oasis Class ships, launched in 2009, capable of accommodating a staggering 6,400 guests—far surpassing the capacity of any other ship at the time.

The expansion of these superliners translates to a surge in job vacancies, a boon for those seeking employment in the cruise line industry. Working on these ships can be exhilarating, with a diverse crew, state-of-the-art facilities, and the chance to interact with passengers from all over the globe. The larger cabins and enhanced amenities also add to the appeal of working on these floating resorts.
The Challenges of Gigantic Vessels

Despite the excitement, life on a mega-ship can be frenetic. The sheer volume of passengers leads to a busier work environment, often at the expense of personal connections. Crew members may find it difficult to forge lasting friendships amidst the hustle and bustle. The atmosphere on these large ships is less intimate, and it’s not uncommon for crew members to go weeks or even months without seeing the same person twice.
Embracing the Charm of Smaller Ships


On the other end of the spectrum, smaller cruise ships offer a different kind of allure. Companies operating these vessels tend to foster a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, which can be more conducive to building strong relationships among crew and guests. These ships can access unique and exclusive destinations that larger vessels cannot, such as navigating closer to Alaskan glaciers or through narrow straits.

Smaller ships also provide a variety of specialized job opportunities that are not typically found on larger liners. Positions like Naturalists or Dive Masters cater to niche markets and themed cruises, such as river tours, environmental excursions, or sailing adventures.

The Verdict on Vessel Size

Crew members who have experienced both large and small ships often express a preference for the intimacy of smaller vessels. While they may appreciate the grandeur of the superliners, the personal and friendly environment of smaller ships often wins their favor.

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